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Terms and Conditions of Website Usage

  1. Private Video Sessions start at 35€ per 10 minutes.
  2. There is NO RECORDING of any kind of my Private Video Sessions. If it appears that you are recording our Private Video Session in any way, I reserve the right to immediately terminate the connection without refund.
  3. If you request anything that is ridiculous, illegal, or beyond my comfort level, I reserve the right to decline your request.
  4. I reserve the right to immediately terminate our Private Video Session at any time, and without refund, if you make me feel uncomfortable or unsafe.
  5. Longer time requests may be broken into multiple sessions before the requested time is fully reached.
  6. Private Video Sessions can take time for me to schedule as I am very busy most of the time. By purchasing a Private Video Session you understand that you will NOT receive your Private Video Session immediately, and instead will coordinate with me over a reasonable time period until we can find an agreeable date/time, depending on my schedule.

Allowable Content Requests

Genres I Am Generally Willing To Include For Private Video Sessions for an Extra Fee:
  • Categories — Solo, Dildo Penetration, Dildo BJ, Vibrator, Dancing, Teasing Realistic Dildo, Glass Dildo, Vibrators, or Butt Plugs
  • Fetishes (NOT ALL FETISHES. There are too many different interests that it would be impossible for me to try and list specific ones. I apologize in advance if you request something that I am not comfortable with, and I will make sure to update my Prohibited Content Requests List below as fetish requests come in that I am uncomfortable with.)

Prohibited Content Requests

Genres I Am NOT Willing To Include Under Any Circumstances:
  • NO Prostitution
  • NO Body Waste (Pee, Poop, Vomit, Blood, or Similar)
  • NO Underage Role-Play
  • NO Illegal or Borderline Illegal Content
  • This list is not definitive. Requests for content not currently included on my Prohibited Content Requests list can still be declined. I will update this list as necessary.